At Home Deposit
Container Collection

Your empties benefit adults with disabilities.
Donations are eligible for an annual tax receipt and
you receive a free Kwik BagIt reusable bag for future pickups.

Pickup Confirmation

After you register, we'll add your Saskatoon address to our subsciber list.  When we schedule a collection for your neighbourhood, you'll receive a SAVE THE DATE email notification. You'll get a reminder email the day before the pickup so you can put our your deposit containers.

Collection Day

For safety, glass deposit bottles should be in cardboard boxes.  All other deposit containers can be mixed together.  If you have a Kwik BagIt reusable bag, it will be exchanged with a clean fresh one on each pickup.

We appreciate your efforts to rinse containers, especially milk jugs.

Annual Tax Receipt

For those subscribers who register to receive an annual donation receipt, it will be emailed to you at the beginning of the year.

Wine, beer, pop and liquor glass bottles in cardboard boxes are counted.  Value of containers in bags are estimated based on $9/large garbage bag.

What Cosmo Collects

There are 4 categories of cans, bottles, jugs and cartons with a refundable deposit that can be donated to Cosmo. (see graphic). Note that meal replacement beverages like Ensure and Boost are not deposit containers. Please place those items along with yogurt containers in your blue recycling cart.

Reduce plastic going to the landfill

Subscribe and get a Kwik BagIt reusable bag

Cosmo provides free mesh Kwik BagIt Reusable/Recycle Bags for the use of our subscribers. Each collection they are exchanged for fresh bags which have been cleaned and folded by our program participants.