Saskatoon's Recycling Pioneers

Over 400 Reasons to Recycle

Cosmo spends over $150,000 a year disposing of waste that isn't recyclable and doesn't belong in the blue bin. That's money we would prefer to spend on program participants.  Help us by recycling right. Click on the yellow button below to watch a video on what household items can be recycled. Book an in-person tour and recycling class for students Grades 4 and up. Use the Waste Wizard to check on a specific product.

Resources and Live Presentations

Recycling Tours

Take a tour of our 34th Street location, including our popular recycling classes in the Education Centre. Transportation is courtesy of Cosmo.  Morning class begins with pickup at school at 9:30 am and departure from Cosmo at 11:30 am.  Afternoons are 12:30 pm pickup and 2:30 departure. For more information email

Apartment and Condo Recycling Service

Multi-Unit Recycling

Phone Cosmo’s CSR at 306-955-9100 to ask questions about the Multi-Unit Residential Recycling (MURR) program. Our CSR is available weekdays Monday to Friday 8 am to 4 pm (messages can be left after-hours) 
Email inquiries can be made at
Information on all Civic Recycling

Saskatoon Recycles

This City of Saskatoon web site hosts comprehensive information on all city recycling programs. For recycling FAQ’s and advice on hazardous and other wastes, you can access the city's web site HERE or go directly to the WASTE WIZARD here to check out if an item is recyclable and where it should go.


This is a recycling video like no other.  Recycling has been an integral part of Cosmo's programs for over 45 years.  Warren takes you on a tour of Cosmo, introducing you to his friends and showing how recycling impacts their lives. 

Check Your Toss (Recycle Blue) 

Learn about the story of Saskatoon's very own recycling song. 
Sung by Angie Weisner (Cosmo participant) and
written by Paul Runalls (Saskatoon) and Chris Atkinson (Regina)

Watch Video

Material Recovery Facility

View the video to take a virtual tour of our Material Recovery Facilty (MRF) and see how the mixture of recyclable items in your blue bin are sorted for market.   Our staff and facility are so effcient that 98.5% of all recyclable materials that come into our MRF are captured and baled.  Unfortunately a lot of foreign waste, 22%, like food scraps, diapers and bags are placed in the bins and cause trouble and additional cost. 

Property Manager Webinar

Property Managers are vital to the success of an effective residential recycling program. Cosmo is not hosting PM Lunch 'n Learn sessions during Covid. Watch this short video for an overview of the MURR program.

Multi-Unit Bin Service

Multi-Unit Cart Service

Educational Materials at Multi-Unit Residences

We have posters for buildings to inform resdients not to place bags in the recycling bins.  Property Managers can request them for their locations by emailing or calling 306-955-9100. Residents may occasionally see a yellow Oops notice on a recycling bin. This shows that the bin was not able to be collected due to contamination or another issue. The issue must be remedied before the next scheduled pickup can take place.  In collaboration with the City of Saskatoon and with the cooperation of Property Managers numerous Multi-Unit residents will be given a branded tote bag to assist them in their recycling efforts.

Posters for Your Building

Oops Notice for Uncollected Bin

Personal Recycling Tote