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Commercial Customers

Phone Cosmo’s CSR at 306-955-9100
Our CSR is available weekdays
Monday to Friday 8 am to 4 pm
(messages can be left after-hours)
Email inquiries can be made at

This City of Saskatoon web site hosts comprehensive information on all city recycling programs.  For recycling FAQ’s and advice on hazardous and other wastes, you can access the web site HEREClick here for accepted materials list.

We encourage commercial properties, businesses, institutions and care homes not covered by the MURR program to make a separate arrangement with Cosmo to fulfill your recycling needs.
Call 306-955-9100


Saskatoon has ‘Over 400 Reasons to Recycle.’  By recycling packaging materials and paper and through putting waste in the right place you are helping reduce pollution, save energy and grow a green Saskatoon for us all.  The MURR program diverts recyclable waste from the Landfill and helps save millions of dollars in the long-term.  Audits show that 98.5% of your recyclable materials are processed and sent to market by Cosmo.   =With Cosmopolitan Industries as the service provider for recycling services at condos and apartments in Saskatoon, recycling also provides for over 400 adults with intellectual disabilities. 


There are many resources available to aid in promoting recycling at Multi-Unit Residences.  A review of some of the promotional and educational materials, activities and strategies can be found through exploring the tabs below.

  • Education Centre

    The Inside Story on Recycling in Saskatoon!

    With graphics, games, historical photos, and video presentations, take a guided tour through the challenges of growing recycling in our city.

    Cosmo’s Recycling Education Centre encourages visitors to view recycling in context of the community.  Touching on the themes of landfill management, saving resources and providing opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities, visitors are shown how the actions of residents in the community make a difference.  Download the brochure.

    The Heritage Room at the Centre is really something to see.  Even better is interacting with Participants as they sort containers for market and re-process old books.

    For more information or to request a tour email

    Captain Inkredible Updated

    Free Group Tours   Monday to Friday    9 am to 3 pm
    Grade 4/5 and up  (and adults)
    Ask about free chartered bus service for Saskatoon schools

  • Webinar
  • MRF Tour Video
  • 'How To' Video
  • Check Your Toss
  • Brochure
  • Posters
  • OOPS! Notice
  • Collection Schedule

Bin Service

Valet Cart Service

Approximately 40% of all waste material generated by Multi-Unit residents consists of paper or recyclable packaging materials such as plastic containers, tin cans or aluminum beverage cans.

The majority of MURR properties are serviced by metal bins with sizes ranging from 3 to 8 cubic yards.  The bins are collected at least once  every two weeks although some bins are collected weekly or even twice a  week if required in order to capture as much recyclable material as possible.

Side by Side Recycling and Garbage

It is ideal for a property to have as many recycling bins as garbage bins.  Additional or larger bins are provided at no extra cost.  Residents are more likely to avidly recycle if the recycling bin is in a more convenient location than the garbage container.  Cosmo will work with residents, on-site personnel, and other stakeholders to locate the recycling bin(s) at the most convenient location for use.


Quadplexes and other properties with few residences, are provided with 96 gallon carts similar to those used for the single family curbside program. 

VALET, or walk-up, service is standard for these sites.   Carts placed within 5 meters of the nearest collection vehicle access (usually the back lane) do not need to be rolled out for collection.  We will roll the carts off the  property, tip them and return them to their proper place.  It is the  responsibility of the property to ensure a clear unencumbered path from the cart location to the vehicle so our valets can roll the carts to the  vehicle. 

Carts are collected on a bi-weekly (every two weeks) basis.  Inaccessible carts (excessive snow, mud, obstructions, etc) or those located further than 5 meters from the recycling vehicle will not be collected.

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